Casino Grade Craps Tables

Nothing says Vegas like those tumbling dice. And 21 Fun makes sure that your Casino Party or Casino Event will have the finest Casino Grade Craps Table, just like Vegas.

Craps is a game that is fantastic for parties because it’s full of drama. The suspense builds as the crowd holds it breath on each throw. Will the shooter make his point? Or will he throw craps? It has more real drama than any reality show…and even most movies. Our crap tables can handle up to 18 players and even more people following the action. The tables are just like the ones used in Vegas with two row chip holders, AND, a drink ledge. Very important at a party.

And don’t worry about your guests not knowing anything about craps. Our friendly professional dealers make sure that everyone gets it…and gets in on the action.

Your table will also have the classic dealer’s stick for collecting the chips and dice. Speaking of dice, we use only casino quality, balanced, numbered dice. Just like a Vegas casino. And best of all, we deliver your tables, set up and break down when the party’s over.

Call now to book your casino party or event to guarantee the available dates and lock in an unbeatable rate: (415) 564-2121, tollfree: 1-888-2PLAY-21 or email