Casino Parties Hit The Target

If you are holding a promotional event for your company and want to get a good…no, GREAT turnout, you’ve got to grab people’s attention. 21 Fun can help you do that with a Casino Party or Promotional Casino Event. If your target audience has to choose between some ho-hum, been there done that, cocktail reception or a night filled with the fun and excitement of Vegas style gaming, you’re going to win every time.

21 Fun provides you with Casino Grade Tables and Equipment. Even our accessories are the real thing…right down to the Casino Quality Cards, Dice and Clay Chips. We’ll staff your casino event with our friendly professional dealers. And, as an option, we can customize table felts with your company name and logo.

And let’s talk about Team Building. Do your employees groan when they hear those words? Then get their attention and get them to buy into the program with a 21 Fun Team Building Casino Party. We’ll teach everyone how to play the games, then divide them into teams. Each team receives the same amount of Casino Scrip and has to work together, forming strategies and helping each other to increase the amount of money.

Call us now to create a memorable, effective casino event for your company. (415) 564-2121, tollfree: 1-888-2PLAY-21 or email