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Casino Grade Craps Tables

Nothing says Vegas like those tumbling dice. And 21 Fun makes sure that your Casino Party or Casino Event will have the finest Casino Grade Craps Table, just like Vegas. Craps is a game that is fantastic for parties because it’s full of drama. The suspense builds as the crowd […]

Casino Grade Blackjack Tables

21 Fun is proud of the fact that we provide only Casino Grade Tables and Equipment for our Casino Parties and Casino Events. That includes roulette, craps, poker and the mainstay of Casino Card games, Blackjack. If people only know one casino card game, it is usually Blackjack. Blackjack is […]

21 Fun Casino Events Mean Business

Corporate Parties are really an extension of marketing. People who attend are going to form an opinion about your company based on their experience at the party. Does the party succeed in its goal (i.e., is it fun)? Are the logistics handled smoothly? Does the staff comport themselves and perform […]