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21 FUN Casino has become one of the most entertaining Casino Party Rental Companies in California & Nevada.  How did it all start?  The story is simple….

John Scarborough

Founder & President

The 21 FUN Story

Welcome to 21 FUN Casino Parties! My name is John Scarborough, President of 21 FUN, Inc. When I was younger, I always had a passion for the gaming industry. After dedicating myself to learn everything I could about the game of Blackjack and testing my strategy at various casinos, I was ultimately banned from Harrah’s Lake Tahoe for card counting. That’s actually how I started this business. Since I still had passion for the game but couldn’t go up to Tahoe and play as I once did, I bought a blackjack table. I hired a former professional dealer to teach me how to deal cards. Soon I started a small business going around the neighborhood doing little Blackjack Casino Parties. The business grew quickly. I introduced more games for entertainment (Craps, Roulette, Poker, etc.) and before I knew it, 21 FUN became a very successful business, and more importantly, the brand has become recognizable with a reputation of a Casino Party Company you can hire and trust.

Soon, I was approached about other games. What about Craps, Roulette and Poker Parties? I didn’t know there was such a demand for Casino Party Entertainment. Since I was asked all the time about other games for these parties, I did a little research and found a guy who actually at the time, had been doing Casino Parties for 35 years. I met up with him and after learning more about this business, convinced him to let me hire him, to teach me the business. I spent a couple of weeks with him and I was ready. The idea of having a successful business is to love what you do and have fun while you are doing it. So we created 21 FUN.  Our Logo is the brand. With McDonalds, it wasn’t just great hamburgers and quick service that made them who they are today. Anyone could have just opened a burger shop and try to do their best. However, with McDonalds it was the name and the Golden Arches. For 21 FUN, we feel the same way. Over the last 17 years, we have established ourselves as the leader in Casino Parties. Our Logo , our name is the brand you can trust, like thousands of clients including Event Planners, Non-Profits, Families and Businesses, 21 FUN is everything you want in a Casino Party Company.


I’m proud of our business and the relationships we have built. Casino Theme Party Rentals serving Event Planners, Private Family Functions, Corporate & Small Business Gatherings & Non-Profit / Charity Events:

  • Casino Tables & Dealers for Parties and Events - Including our client support and with some FUN options like video invitations.
  • For Entertainment Purposes only, 21 Fun delivers to our clients their favorite casino games for all types of events, where guests play for fun.
  • 21 Fun provides game dealers for most all our parties. These parties are generally 3 to 4 hours. Guests start with funny money, they play that away for fun, and cash in their chips at the end of gaming for raffle tickets (or high tally) to win prizes.

21 FUN, having pivoted now, focuses on small gatherings for 50 people or less…Hopefully soon we can entertain larger groups as we have in the past. We offer the 21 FUN experience at competitive rates. 

21 FUN, is proud to announce that after 17 successful years, we are offering franchises in our Casino Party Rental Business. 21 FUN, is a unique, established niche business. We are taking our success and creating one of the most desirable event planning franchises available.

We focus on our clients * We provide quality equipment * We provide skilled and entertaining dealers* We will do a GREAT job for you!! Our reputation is on the line.


21 FUN Opens in Nevada

21 FUN has added two additional markets to add to our successful story. With the help of our Web Master in Lake Tahoe, and our Franchise Owner in Las Vegas, we now have expanded.

Why would anyone want to do Casino Parties there? People would ask this question all of the time. Here’s why. Most of our events in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe are either corporate / team building events, tradeshows or house parties. For Corporate Events, the goal is to entertain all the guests and help them interact with each other. When interacting with each other, everyone stays together. Having Casino Entertainment is so addicting. Whether it’s in a real casino or just for fun. 21 FUN!!

I’m excited about the opportunities we have in the future. I felt we have
accomplished so much over the years as a family owned business. I can hardly imagine what we can do together with Franchisees. We look forward to open more locations in 2021.

21 Fun Casino Parties in San Francisco, California

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