Casino Themed Fundraisers

Running a Casino Themed Fundraiser, Non-Profit or Charity Event

It’s true that a Casino Night fundraiser is a popular and profitable way to raise money. 21 Fun Casino knows how to plan a Successful Casino Fundraiser. Furthermore, wouldn’t you want to hire a Casino Party Company that is locally owned and is involved in OUR community? 21 Fun Casino is local and we have established ourselves as the premier Casino Party Company in our community. We know what it takes to raise money AND give you all the tools to help you have a Successful Casino Fundraising Event!!

21 Fun Casino takes pride in the entire planning process…

Our professional party planners are experts at all facets of Fundraiser & Charity Event planning…

  • Establishing Goals
  • Event Preparation
  • Table Sponsorships
  • Event Marketing
  • Ticket Pricing
  • Legalities
  • Local Sponsorships
  • Drafting Letters for donations
  • Insurance
  • Site Visits
  • Committee Meetings
  • Phone Support

We help with all of this and more…leading up to your Casino Night Fundraiser!!

Choosing the right Casino Package for the number of guests, planning the venue/location layout with respect to games & activities, along with coordinating the format/schedule & timeline for various event activities is crucial for your Casino Fundraiser to be a success.

21 Fun Casino guides you through this process carefully listening to all of our clients needs in order to help them choose the perfect Casino Fundraising Gaming Package. Our goal is help you raise money, not try to sell you on ideas, equipment, etc that you do not need to support your fundraiser or charity event.

21 Fun will assist you with things like…

  • Picking the right Casino Party Package … number and types of games, etc
  • Recommending how much Casino Scrip (phony money) to start with
  • Recommended ways to increase Sales and Revenue at your Casino Fundraising Event
  • How to strategically use your volunteers
  • How to combine your Casino Fundraising event with Silent & Live Auctions
  • Determining the best way to have

21 Fun Casino knows the fundamental rule regarding expenses – Keep them to a minimum without compromising your event. We would like to consider ourselves as part of your planning committee. We will offer our suggestions and knowledge in regards to Facility Costs, Decorations, and Props, Beverage Costs (what to look out for), Insurance, Security, and Parking issues…however ultimately we will listen to what you want & need in order to make it happen!

Annual Fundraising & Charity Event Services…

In addition to helping, our clients create a Successful Casino Party Fundraiser, 21 Fun keeps thorough notes, and tracks specific relevant activity details throughout the event in order to make it easier for our clients to plan the following year. The ultimate goal of these niche services is to help increase revenue.

Let’s start planning your Successful Casino Fundraiser today!