What is the Casino Party Experience Like? (FAQ's)

Updated: 1/23/24
Published: 9/15/23

Imagine a night where the vibrant buzz of a casino meets the comfort of a private gathering. A casino party experience offers just that – a pulsating blend of excitement, strategy, and camaraderie. As dice roll, cards flip, and roulette wheels spin, the room fills with infectious enthusiasm and playful competition. Beyond the allure of potential wins, it's the shared moments of joy, suspense, and laughter that make the evening truly memorable. It's not just about the stakes; it's about connecting, celebrating, and embracing the thrill of the game. Such nights aren't just events; they're stories waiting to be told and cherished.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes of your tables?

Below are the dimensions and space requirements for our tables. The space required accounts for room for dealers and players.

Game Dimensions Square Ft Space Required
Craps 8' x 4' 32' 96 sf.
Roulette 7-1/2' x 4' 30' 92 sf.
Blackjack 5-1/2' x 3-1/2' 20' 72 sf.
Poker 8' x 4' 32' 96 sf.
Money Wheel 9-1/2' x 3-1/2' 34' 86 sf.
Specialty 5-1/2' x 3-1/2' 20' 72 sf.

What is the attendee journey at the casino party?

Attendees can follow either of two options:

  1. Guests are provided with Funny Money upon arrival, which they can exchange for chips at any Casino Table.
  2. Guests receive a stack of chips directly from the dealer when they approach a Casino Table.

Note: The method of chip distribution should be discussed, especially regarding the process if a player loses their chips.

How do attendees "cash in" once they're done playing?

Depending on whether there are prizes:

  • RAFFLE TICKETS: Players exchange chips for raffle tickets. The more chips, the more raffle tickets they get.
  • HIGH TALLY: We keep track of the top winners, without using raffle tickets.
  • COMBO: A combination of the top winner (through High Tally) and a Raffle ticket exchange.
  • NO PRIZES: Players just hand in their chips and are thanked for playing.

What are the options for cashing in chips at previous parties?

The most popular method has been the Raffle tickets system.

Can attendees use their own poker chips?

Yes! While we provide our own set quantities, we can accommodate any quantity you have. Below is a table of the quantities we typically use for each game:

Game $1 (White) $5 (Red) $25 (Green) $100 (Black) $500 (Purple) $1000 (Yellow)
Craps 200 400 200 100 40 40
Roulette 100 100 100 20 20
Blackjack 120 120 80 20 20
Poker 120 120 80 20 20

How do the certificates for blackjack work?

Ask us about a complimentary Blackjack Experience Certificate to give away as a prize at your casino event! The Certificates can be gifted to anyone in the local area. They come on a 11x7 certificate, folded and placed in a nice envelope. It offers a FREE Party with 1 Blackjack table, 1 Professional Dealer, and 3 hours of gaming. Great for office or home parties.

What's the deadline to book your services?

For most dates throughout the year, it is best to book a month ahead of time. December is our busiest season, and several December dates will be fully booked in September. October is the latest we recommend for booking a holiday or end of year casino party in December. It's better to book sooner to ensure the best dealers and your preferred dates.

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