How to Plan a Holiday Party That Will Thrill Your Team

Updated: 9/13/23
Published: 9/13/23

Hosting a major corporate event can be a game-changer for your company. With the right planning, you can easily boost employee morale, showcase your company’s latest innovations, garner great PR for product launches, and even leave your competitors in awe. Unfortunately, most companies don’t do it right – that’s why 90% of employees would rather take a bonus check or extra vacation days over attending the company soirée. Here’s how to make sure your corporate event doesn’t leave your workers yawning.

1. Hire a professional

Planning a major event requires expertise in managing countless logistical details and planning for things that will inevitably go wrong if you try to do it yourself (like not picking the right theme or not accounting for bad weather). Just as a high-end wedding benefits from a skilled wedding planner, a high-end corporate event requires a professional event planner's touch.

2. Set a clear goal

Every successful corporate event should have a clear goal in mind so that your event remains focused and effective. For instance, if you’re a tech company trying to boost morale after a tough quarter, then your goal is probably to help your team relax and have fun so they can come back to work more energized. In this case, a casino party event with professional dealers, themed decor, and a variety of games like blackjack and roulette could be a good route.

3. Choose the perfect venue

Selecting the right venue is paramount to your event's success. The venue's size, location, accessibility, and setup time can significantly impact the event's overall experience. Ensure your venue choice aligns with your event's objectives and accommodates your expected number of guests.

Avoid venues that are too spacious, as they can make your event seem empty, or venues that are too cramped, leading to discomfort. Additionally, choose a venue that is easily accessible and offers sufficient setup time to avoid last-minute hassles.

4. Don't cut corners

When planning a major corporate event, remember that quality matters. Cutting costs can lead to a subpar event that reflects poorly on your company's planning and execution capabilities. A low-budget or uninspiring event can give the impression that your company is either struggling financially or lacks creativity.

5. Invite an appropriate number of guests

Striking the right balance between a crowded and under-attended event is crucial. Aim for "critical mass," where the number of guests slightly exceeds the venue's comfortable capacity. This ensures that your event feels lively and demonstrates the importance of attendance to your guests.

6. Keep speeches concise

Corporate events are primarily about entertainment and showcasing your company's strengths, not lengthy speeches. If you must include speeches, limit them to a maximum of three key points, but let the event itself do most of the talking.

7. Be innovative

Repeating the same event year after year can signal a lack of creativity and effort. To keep your guests engaged and excited, aim to surprise and exceed their expectations. This doesn't necessarily require increasing your budget; instead, focus on innovative themes and ideas. If your previous event had a casino theme, consider exploring something entirely different, like a murder mystery theme, for your next event.

Hosting a major corporate event can be a powerful marketing tool when executed correctly. By following these tips, you can ensure that your corporate event is a resounding success that leaves employees excited for the next one!

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