Casino Jobs

It used to be that if someone talked about working in a casino, they generally meant being a dealer in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. But there are many more jobs in the casino industry beyond dealer or pit boss. Casino jobs also include, porter, stickman, security guards, cashiers, technicians, bartenders, wait staff, cocktail and slot girls, chaffeurs, sports book writers and more.

And you might work in Vegas or Atlantic City, but the gaming industry has expanded across the country with Riverboat Casinos, Indian Casinos and other options. And don’t forget about the international options. Casinos are popular around the world…even on the Seven Seas with Cruise Ship casinos. For employment opportunities, visit casino and resort websites as well as recruitment companies.

21 Fun is always looking for outgoing energetic people to work our casino parties and casino events. Again, there are many job opportunities. Along with dealers, we often supply bartenders, wait staff, party planners and more. If you like to have fun, think about the company that puts “fun” in its name – 21 Fun. Casino parties and casino events give you the chance to work in the casino industry while staying in your own community.

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If you are already an experienced professional dealer or bartender and you’re looking for a fun job with lots of variety that pays well, we want to hear from you. Start by filling out the form below, and 21 Fun will contact you at our earliest convenience.